Friday, January 5, 2018


Updated: June 21, 2018


Facebook: I joined years ago out of self-defense.
Google+: Google forced me so I could comment on YouTube.
Imgur: Share and rate interesting photos.
Minds: All in one social media publishing.
Reddit: The front page of the internet.
     Imagaid: The best Reddit images.
     Leaderboard for Reddit: Keeps track of karma rankings.
     Reddit List: The most popular subreddits.
     Reddit User Analysis: Compiles individual user statistics.
     Subreddit Similarities & Analysis: Compare subreddits.
     Subreddit Suggester: Find the right subreddit to post.
     Top Karma Redditors: Another karma ranking site.       
Twitter: I tweet frequently with much insight.
     Twitchy: The best tweets organized by topics.
     Twitter Search: Find what you are looking for here.
     Who Unfollowed Me: How dare they!
YouTube: Vlogging on occasion.


Abstract Visions:  Television reviews and commentary.
Apocalypse Cinema: Movie reviews and commentary.
Eye of Polyphemus: Personal, politics, and culture.

Boing Boing: Anything cool will probably show up.
College Humor: Geeky, pop culture humor.
Cracked: Geeky, pop culture humor.
Digg: Interesting links from around the web.
FARK: Frequently updated absurd news items.
Metafilter: Reddit before Reddit existed.

Blog Search Engine: The most comprehensive blog search engine.
Blogspot Search: Search engines exclusively for Blogspot blogs.
Twingly: If Blog Search Engine does not turn up what you need.


Ain't Cool News: Movie and television news and reviews.
Box Office Mojo: Box office earnings for new and old releases.
Dark Horizons: Movie and television news.
Deadline Hollywood: Blog of upcoming Hollywood productions.
IMDb: Database of all things involved in Hollywood productions.
Rotten Tomatoes: Fan-based movie reviews and ratings.
Vulture: Movie, television, and music coverage.

AZlyrics: Alphabetical by artist database of song lyrics.
Best Classic Country Songs: In case you were wondering.
Billboard: Top 40 charts for every genre.
Lyrics: Massive database searchable by artist or song.
Rate Your Music: Fan created "best of" lists organized by topic.
Rolling Stone: Premiere rock & roll magazine.
     500 Greatest Albums of All Time: Compiled in 2012.
     500 Greatest Songs of All Time: Compiled in 2011.
Spin: Not the premiere rock & roll magazine, but it will suffice.
Tubidy: Comprehensive MP3 search engine. 

Bureau 42: Science fiction news and reviews.
Den of Geek: Movies, television, games, and comics.
Doctor Who: Official BBC site.
     Doctor Who America: Official BBC America site.
     Doctor Who Image Archive: Through the Eleventh Doctor.
     Doctor Who Viewing Order: Regularly updated timeline of events.
     TARDIS Data Core: Doctor Who wiki.
IGN: Movie, television, and video game news coverage.
IO9: Science fiction movie and television coverage.
Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5: Fan run site endorsed by JMS himself.
Nuke the Fridge: Science fiction and television coverage.
Red Dwarf: Everybody's dead, Dave.
SFDebris: Reviews of science fiction television series.
Stargate Command: Official site.
     GateWorld: Comprehensive fan site.
     SGCommand: Stargate wiki.
     StargateWiki: Another Stargate wiki.
Star Trek: Official site for Star Trek.
     Memory Alpha: Star Trek wiki.
     Star Trek Database: Examining Star Trek's real world implications.
     Star Trek Magazine: Official online edition.
     Trek Writer's Guild: Write Star Trek fiction.
     TrekCore: Comprehensive fan run site.
Star Wars: Official site.
     LucasFilm: Official site.
     Wookieepedia: Star Wars wiki.
The Orville: The best Star Trek show that is not Star Trek.
The X-Files: The truth is out there.

Crackle: Movies and television.
HDEncode: Exclusively movies.
Hulu: Mostly television.
Loadem: Exclusively television.
PopcornFlix: Exclusively movies.

Cinemassacre: Home of the Angry Video Game Nerd.
GameFAQs: Game strategy guides and walkthroughs.
I Love ROMs: Best source for ROMs for every emulator.
Old Games: Old computer games for download.
ROM Hacking: ROM hacks and home brews of old games.
ROM Hustler: Another site for downloading TOMs for every emulator.


4chan: The wild frontier.
8chan: The even wilder frontier.
Blogqpot: Search images from blogs.
eBaum's World: Well past its prime, but still fun.
Funny Junk: Humorous categorized photos.
GIPHY: GIF for all occasions.
Icon Archive: Comprehensive source for desktop icons.

Imgur Meme Generator: Make your own meme.
Know Your Meme: Confirm you are getting it right.

4chan: All the latest in a myriad of categories.
HDQ Wallpapers: large and frequently updated.
Wall Haven: Many, many categories.
Wallpaper Abyss: One of the best assortments.
Wallpaper Cave: Community for sharing wallpapers.
Wallpapers Den: Lots of HD wallpapers.
Wallpapers DSC: Wallpapers grouped together.
Wallpapers Mug: Many, many categories.


270toWin: Analyzing presidential elections.  Includes the current.
FiveThirtyEight: Nate Silver's election and sports statistics.
Politics1: Keeps track of every candidate for federal and state office.
Sabato's Crystal Ball: Predictions from a UVA political scientist. 
Vote Smart: tracks voting records of elected officials.

CIA World Fact Book:: The best guide for the world.
Foreign Policy: Scholarly articles on international relations.

Heavy: Breaks down the latest headlines.
Newsweek: Decent enough news coverage.
TIME: Decent enough news coverage.
US News & Report Report: Decent enough news coverage.

BBC News:: The international perspective.
C-SPAN: Live event coverage.
CNBC: The corporate perspective.
CNN: The liberal perspective.
FOX News: The conservative perspective.
MSNBC: The extremely liberal perspective.

Axios: The top stories
Buzzfeed: The SJW mindset in all its derangement.
Drudge Report: Best taken with a pinch of salt.
Huffington Post:  Usually vapid, but sometimes interesting.
Memeorandum: Round up of popular bloged news articles.
POLITICO Playbook:Daily Washington happenings.
Real Clear Politics: Complete political coverage.
Smoke Room: General culture.
Talking Points Memo: The hot button issues of the day.


Dictionary: Find the definition of a word.
Snopes: Fact checks claims, rumors, and urban legends.
The Smoking Gun: The documents and files you want to see.
Thesaurus: Find synonyms for a word.
Urban Dictionary: Find the definition of slang terms.
Wikipedia: Instantly appear to know what you are talking about.

Avatar Maker: Convert an image into an avatar.
Color Codes: A comprehensive list.
Online Image Editor: Add text to an image.

Alexa: Web page statistics.
Best of the Web Directory: Overhyped, but useful.
Down for Everyone or Just Me?: Test a site's availability.
Internet Wayback Machine: The way things used to be.
Woorank: Website rankings.

Bing: For those rare times Google comes up empty.
DuckDuckGo: Does not track your stats.
Google: The only search engine you will likely ever need.
Million Rank: Excludes the first million Google results.
Yahoo;  Not really a search engine, but i am including it here.

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