Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Endangered Social Contract

     What is the biggest threat to the social contract in the United States today?
     The social contract can best be explained by Jean Rousseau's opening sentence in The social Contract” “Mean are born free, but everywhere are in chains.” These days, the chains by which Americans are shackled are self-inflicted in the name of security. We have given up privacy in the name of anti-terrorism measures and free speech in the name of not being offended.
     Should this problem be labeled as fear? The fear of potential harm is more important to Americans than freedom? Whatever you would like to call the problem, it is that Americans no longer value freedom over all else. The sad part is most Americans are deluded themselves into believing the exact opposite is true. If you do not believe so, tell someone reasonably politically astute they have nothing to lose but their chains and watch them associate you with collectivism instead of individual freedom

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