Wednesday, September 26, 2018

My Surgery Was Successful

    Surgery went well. Nothing like the above took place. Always nice to hear that, no? The hernia was repaired, but things did not go off completely without a hitch. I will get to that in a moment.
     I had to at the hospital by six AM, so I had to get up at five. No easy task for a night owl like me who gets wound up with anxiety no matter how much I try to chill. The six AM arrival time wound up being a suggestion. I figured that was likely to be the case. I rolled through three different desks with paperwork before I even got to the per-op section. Then I stared at the ceiling in one of those airy gowns before a nurse started the IV. She nailed it on the first shot, too. If you are familiar with my tiny, rolling veins, you will know how impressive that is.
     It was nearly three hours in before I went into the operating room. The IV had been pumping in some happy juice for quite a while. I was not too bothered by anything. I do not even remember passing out. One minute, I was looking up at the lights with staff chattering around me. Then the next, I was screaming in horrific pain in the recovery room.
     I had just been laid down when sharp pain from two areas of my back abruptly snapped me awake. A nurse and the anesthesiologist lifted me on my right side. There are two hematomas rapidly swelling. One originated near my right shoulder blade. The other was nearer the waistline on the right side. They had used one of those small trolleys to slide me from table to bed. The hard wood did a number of my boney self. Hematomas are a frequent injury for me, but I have never endured two simultaneously, nor have any been as large as these two eventually became.
     They doped me up with painkillers quickly. I was promptly propped up on my right side with a huge ice pack under. The left I obviously had to be admitted for observation since it was not clear when the hemotomas would stop bleeding. The bleeding stopped quicker than usual. I enjoyed pain medication the entire time. Aside from the awkwardness of my positioning, it was not such a bad night. I was discharged yesterday morning, but promptly slept through the whole day. Today was the fist day of anything resembling normalcy.
   A friend visited before I was discharged and brought muffins for breakfast. That was nice.
     So what has it been like since going home? My back is more painful than the incision. This morning, I spent ten minutes looking for my glasses while I as wearing them. I managed to slip my shoes on, but then stared at them for who knows how long figuring out how to tie them. So the medication is good even though I require extensive babysitting while taking it. I need to take it slow for several weeks. On the plus side, I removed the bandage and gently cleaned the area. There will be a long scar, but there is no other indication a hernia was ever there. The surgeon did a fine job. I will update as events unfold.

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