Thursday, September 6, 2018

Burt Reynolds (1936-2018)

     Burt Reynolds died earlier today of a heart attack. He was 82.
    Reynolds began his career with roles in television series. After his breakout role in Deliverance, Reynolds became the man's man action star of the '70's. When his movie career cooled down in the '80's, he returned to television as the leading man in the sitcom Evening Shade. Reynolds enjoyed a renaissance beginning the the late '90's with roles in films like Boogie Nights.
     I am too young to remember Reynolds in his heyday as a movie star, although I have seen all of his biggest films from the era. I mostly knew him as a humorous former movie star now headlining a sitcom. In my mind, he was an action star who found a spot in television comedy. I was impressed by his later turn in highly acclaimed movies. In a few, he was the only aspect of the film to earn praise.
     Godspeed, Mr. Reynolds.

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