Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Origin of the Funny Bone

      Is a sense of humor a result of consciousness or something else?
   Working under the definition consciousness is awareness of oneself and environment, a sense of humor is a byproduct of consciousness. A sense of humor is a reaction to events based on one's viewpoint. Humor is subjective because viewpoints are subjective.
    A sense of humor can also vary with your personal feelings. An old man slipping on a banana peel is funny until you find out it is your grandfather. Or if you are blessed with empathy. But you get my point.
     My sense of humor originates from observing the absurdities of life. My jokes are most often cynical, sarcastic jabs at the status quot. My humor is often dark, abrasive, and hard for some people to handle because it shines a light on truths most would rather not think exists. My sense of humor is definitely a result of my less than cozy life experiences.

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