Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Selfie for the Fourth

     Here is the usual holiday selfie. I am a fiercely independent type of guy, so Independence Day is perfect for a selfie. The united states turns 242 years old today. As a bicentennial baby, the proper age is etched firmly in my mind.
    Just noticed I have a lot of real estate for a forehead. My hairline is not receding, folks.
     I only gained a couple pounds since the last selfie. I am not sure if one can even tell the difference from a photo like this one. Every little bit counts. At least this is what I am telling myself about the two grilled hamburgers I ate for lunch. We managed to get a little cookout rolling before the bottom fell out. The rain stopped in time for fireworks earlier tonight, too.
      I am not even certain when the next selfie-worthy holiday will be. I might be stuck coming up with some actual blogging content rather than relying on photos and YouTube videos as filler. Egad! Will that not be horrific?

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