Sunday, July 8, 2018

Maybe the Way We Were

    Human memory has been shown to be incredibly unreliable. With that in mind, how can you tell which of your memories are genuine and which memories have been altered or made up?
     Your mind is not a camera that shows you the exact image of a time and place when you remember said time and place. Your mind reconstructs the time and place. So a memory is technically a copy of the real thing. Each time you remember a time and place, it is a copy of a copy. Copying a copy multiple times causes degradation. So the older a memory is and the more times you recall it make the memory less likely to be accurate.
     Your memories can be tainted by someone inaccurately reminding you of an event or if you fantasized a certain thing happening. If you lie about something often enough, you will begin to believe it is true. Basically, memories are images constructed by your mind that distort naturally even without the faulty input likely to affect them as well.

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