Monday, January 1, 2018

The Year Ahead

      It is the first day of 2018. Earth managed to survive 2017. Interesting, since the Doomsday Clock was moved closer to midnight than any time since the height of the Cold War in anticipation of the human race's inevitable destruction last year. Since the main consideration was Donald Trump's election as president, we will just consider the prediction of imminent doom partisan hackery. At least until a North Korean nuke hits Los Angeles. Then we can reevaluate.
     Now that we are all still here as regular old humans and not radiation scarred mutants, we have to plan for a normal year ahead. The realization brings two points to mind. First, the new year as a fresh start is a myth. We are all burdened by the same baggage at 12:01 AM this morning as we were at 11:59 PM last night. If you were a jackass in 2017, you are still a jackass in 2018. Second, I do not bother making resolutions. No one even thinks about them after New Year's Day. How about combine these two points and instead of making resolutions to change one or two bad points about yourself, admit your baggage and strive to work on yourself completely?
     Is that what I am going to do? Probably not, but at least I am honest that such a daunting task to undertake at all, much less maintain for a year. But as usually happens during the holiday season, I have immersed myself in a reflective period exasperated by an unexpected weight loss plummet in recent weeks. So I have issues to work through whether I want to do so or not. Usually, that necessitates a fair amount of time writing. This I have done, though have not made most of it public. But as I get older, I get bolder. It feels right the change back to the old blog's name might bring out the old blogger in me.
     We shall see what happens. There is a nagging suspicion eating away at me 2018 will be a tumultuous year. I know dwelling on such notions has a way of creating self-fulfilling prophecies, but listening to my hunches, especially the pessimistic ones, is one of the main reasons nothing has finished me off yet. You must trust an instinct with such a solid track record of accomplishing the near impossible. Speaking of accomplishing the near impossible, here is to steady, solid blogging in order to work everything out for the best.

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