Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year's Day Selfie

     Might as well continue the tradition of posting selfies on holidays. It will give me a good excuse beyond undue vanity to update my photo occasionally. I still have not gotten a haircut, but it really is not that bad when styled properly rather than merely allowing it to flop any old way like I am normally prone to do.
     Let us cast aside vanity for a moment and speak of affirmation. Being comfortable in your own skin is important. I have certainly fared well for someone who has lived a mostly hellish 41 years. Sometimes I think I could pass for half my age even though I often feel twice it physically, mentally, and spiritually.
     I do not talk much. There are people whom I have been around the last three years who know little beyond my first name. From time to time, I am caught off guard when someone I have been around for years out of the blue asks a personal question. The question that caught we off guard was essentially “How did you get to where you are?” I have written thousands of words on that subject since April 2014. Some of them elicited a death threat from family, so I think I have been raw about it all in the written word. But I gave her the verbal Cliff's Note's version.
     It took her about ten minutes afterward to explain two words she wanted me to keep in mind to describe me. The words were survivor and warrior. I will own up to being a survivor on a strong day. Warrior? I do not know. Overly aggressive with a chip on my shoulder is probably more apt. Sometimes I am willing to charge hell with a bucket of water, but such endeavor's do not a warrior make.   
     Nevertheless, anytime the lady runs into me over the last week, she asks me what the two words I am supposed to remember are. Survivor. Warrior. She appears happy I have kept the two words in mind. I figured I should write them down somewhere. This is the perfect place.

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