Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Loathsome Logan Paul and YouTube

     The latest YouTube controversy is leaking into the real world. After over a year of issues ranging from it largest user PewDePie facing accusations of being a Nazi sympathizer to companies pulling revenue for fear of their brands being associated with less than family-friendly content, it is both the last thing the site needed and something it so richly deserves,
     In a nutshell, YouTuber Logan Paul, whose vlogging channel generates 20 million views a month, took his camera with him on a hike through Japan's infamous Suicide Forest. It is a place which has gained a reputation for suicidal Japanese to go to in order to take their own lives. Paul went there will the express purpose of finding a suicide victim. He succeeded. He came across a young man who successfully ended his life. Paul continued to film, with the swaying corpse conspicuous in the near background while making jokes. He posted the video. He immediately received a lot of flack and so decided to take it down, but not before the video earned six million views. YouTube examined the video before Paul took it down, but deemed it acceptably within community guidelines.
     The situation brings up two points.
     One, Paul is the epitome of the insipid side of YouTube. He is a dumb man-child whose videos consist of practical jokes, stupid stunts, and anything else that will bring him attention. His videos bring in a fortune to YouTube regardless. His shtick is tolerated for that reason. It should not surprise anyone Paul acted the way he did or that YouTube approved the video while it was up.
     Two, YouTube is unbelievably hypocritical in their actions. I already wrote the video was officially deemed acceptable within community guidelines in spite of those guidelines expressly forbidding depictions of gore or physical harm to another person. YouTube did not forget this guideline, either, as it has been deleting any video featuring clips from Paul’s video. YouTube is applying its own rules to users who generate little to no revenue for the site while granting its larger moneymaking users a free pass to flagrantly violate the rules.
     Paul and YouTube are taking heat for their actions. Paul I can somewhat sympathize with because the usual type of social media attacks. They generally go along the lines of “You have no respect for the dead. You should kill yourself!” No one making such a vile statement seems to recognize the hypocrisy of thinking someone who does not respect the value of human life should lose their own. R hypocrisy bothers me more than just about any other aspect of this situation, which is why I am entertained rather than sympathetic by YouTube exposing its true nature by its actions.

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