Friday, January 12, 2018

Hard Truths and Public Policy Do Not Mix

    Haiti is an impoverished, crime ridden country filled with dilapidated town and villages and trash covered streets. Large portions of the country lack the capacity to separate drinking water from sewage water. The latter problem makes Haiti a literal sh*thole. Our political discourse has devolved to the point acknowledging the truth is a high crime. Never mind acknowledging the truth is the first step towards improving the situation.
     Was Donald Trump's declaration Haiti is a sh*thole crude? Yes, but he was stating what everybody thinks while in a closed door policy meeting, not a public gathering. Really, if Haiti was not so much as Trump described, why do so many Haitians want to leave? Among those who left is the father of US Rep. Mia Love, who criticized Trump for identifying the main reason Love grew up in the United States rather than Haiti.
     Even though Trump described the Haiti, not Haitians, with the epithet, he is branded yet again as a racist. His critics are overlooking what trump is trying to do with immigration. He outlines his intentions clearly when he says he suggests more immigrants from Norway than Haiti. He is not looking at immigration in racial terms, but in terms of benefit to the country. He wants educated, industrious people with high levels of education, especially science and math, I imagine, above unskilled labor from poorer countries that generally lack the resources to produce such people. Trump is not looking at immigration as a racist. He is looking at immigration like hiring the best employees for a business.
     Take a moment to appreciate as well those criticizing Trump for crudeness wear vagina costumes in public while demanding respect and referred to conservative tax protesters with the sexual act term "teabagger."  They do not have much room to criticize anyone for vulgarity.    
     The problem is there is no room for such a mindset in politics. As noted above, one cannot even express honestly about issues in the first place over concerns about offending someone. Anyone. Even though who virtue signal offense on behalf of someone else who probably never asked for it in the first place. We are currently witnessing another huge reason why American politics is broken. Perhaps irreparably.   

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