Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Year in Review

     We have now reached the final day of 2017? is everyone still in one piece? If so, it is a wonder. There has never been another year in my memory which was plagued so brutally by the events of the previous. I speak mostly of the presidential election in which Donald Trump surprisingly upset Hillary Clinton. It was a closely contested election, and the division spilled into 2017 with no apparent slowdown heading into 2018. Oh, joy!
    A Clinton victory was supposed to cap off a 2016 Year of the Woman that never materialized. So in 2017, women tried a different tactic by gathering in large numbers wearing vagina costumes demanding dignity. No wonder self-identifying as another gender became so popular among Social Justice Warriors. I am certain it can be difficult as a woman to associate with such dinginess. Not that the tactic of dressing like a giant vagina to earn respect worked. As evidenced by the large number of sexual harassment claims from male celebrities, journalists, and politicians, maybe they got the wrong idea. There will not be any slowdown in the feminist movement, farce though it may be nowadays, in the coming year.
     Sex certainly played a huge role in politics this year. Among it all, it is easy to forget Anthony Wiener was sentenced for sending underwear pics to an underage girl. In what other year would such a thing be considered tame in comparison? I particularly enjoyed Democrats supporting Al Franken when he was first accused of sexual harassment, then called for him to resign during the brief period when it looked like accused pedophile Roy Moore might win Jeff Sessions' old seat, and to regret calling for Franken to resign after Moore lost. What a bunch of hypocrites. But just watch how many candidates, especially Republicans, are going to face sex scandal claims not that one sunk a GOP candidate in deep red Alabama.
    I do not even want to touch race relations. Remember when Barack Obama was supposed to bring racial healing? The idealistic hope originated about a decade ago. Racial reconciliation never quite materialized. Instead, we have gotten riots, a literal war with/on police, clashes over Confederate monuments, and national anthem protests that have caused the NFL's fan base to collapse. My personal favorite, though not exclusively racial in nature, is Antifa bludgeoning anyone who dares have a different opinion with them on anything.
     All of the above is the depths to which American political discourse has plunged. It is nearly impossible to respect the quest for social justice these days. It has gone from a valid civil rights movement to arguing over fluid gender, which bathroom to use, and how it is moral to tell white people to shut up while the self-proclaimed oppressed air the unending list of grievances. There is no end in sight for this, either.
     I am not going to comment at all on Trump. I am tired of hearing about him. You are tired of hearing about him. We will all continue to hear about him on a daily basis in 2018. Why add to the cacophony?
     It was a lousy year for rock and roll. It has been nothing but lousy years since 1989 or so. It was a lousy year for country, too. Why are country artists starting to use Autotune now? Such a thing does not even fit within the genre. People named Blake Shelton the sexiest man alive. It is rare Shelton is the sexiest man in the room at any given point, much less sexiest man alive. Blake Lively ought to be named sexiest man alive before Shelton.
     How was 2017 on a personal level? No family members made death threats, so that is one improvement over 2016. Any year you stay above ground is a good one, no? The last few introduced a tougher struggle to maintain the weight I have gained since escaping Team Chavis. I am still in good enough health to eat pretty much anything I want that does not inflame my diverticulitis, but I am getting sick of eating constantly while downing multiple Ensure a day for good measure just to see my metabolism burn it all up. By all rights, I ought to be a 300 lb diabetic, but I can only dream of hitting 100 lbs without developing a twenty pound tumor to put me over the top. So the struggle continues.
     Speaking of the struggle continuing, it will for everyone. I do not predict 2018 will get any easier than 2017. Maybe I am being pessimistic. But if I am not, break out the crayons and the therapy dogs. It is going to be a bumpy year ahead. I will be right back here with you on the flip side.  

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