Sunday, December 24, 2017

On Christmas Eve

     When I was younger, Christmas Eve was the day family gathered at my house for a big dinner. Everyone brought the presents they gotten for each other. We would enjoy one big evening opening them all. Santa Clause would come the next morning and then everyone would go to my grandparents for another big dinner. There was a considerable difference in how well my mother cooked—great—and my grandmother—the strawberries on the shortcake were still frozen—but tradition was tradition.
     It never occurred to me not to celebrate Christmas that way in my adult life. By that I mean opening presents Christmas Eve to allow Christmas Day not to be so much about materialism. As it turned out, my adult life has been far more beyond my control than I anticipated. So I have sort of just gone with it. It is all about Christmas Day. Probably the way it is supposed to be.
     I hope everyone else's plans work out for the best. At the very least, I hope nothing like the scene depicted above happens.    

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