Saturday, December 30, 2017

Knighty Knight, Ringo

     The Queen has selected the latest Honorees for knighthood. Ringo Starr, Barry Gibb, Nick Clegg, and Darcey Bussell. Starr was a member of the Beatles who will be knighted for service to charity and music. Gibb was a founding member of the Bee Gees who will be knighted for his contributions to music and charity. Clegg was the former leader of the Liberal Democrats and once served as Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Bussell is a retired ballerina and judge on a televised dance competition. She will be honored for her contributions to dance, literature (childcare’s books), and charity work.
     Notice the alliteration with the last two letters in the honorees' names? Starr, Gibb, Clegg, and Bussell. I am curious if that is mere happenstance or planned. If the latter, where is Simon Pegg? He has contributed much to science fiction. I imagine he has done charity work, too. We need a Sir Simon Pegg! Now would have been the perfect opportunity.
   I do not have much to say about the merits of knighting these honorees. I looked Bussell up as I had never heard of her. Do not judge. You had never heard of her, either. Clegg most likely still has his detractors since he was still in office until relatively recently. Gibb is probably overdue. The Bee Gees are remembered as a disco band, but they were far more than that before and after Saturday Night Fever. Starr is long overdue as well.
     Starr appears to have generated the most negative responses on social media with his impending knighthood. Many are tongue in cheek, mind you. A lot of jokes about being the least talented Beatle, an awful songwriter, and playing second fiddle to a anthropomorphic train. Others run darker, such as accusations of serial spousal abuse. There is also the fact Starr publicly supports Brexit. My personal favorite is the hope he was notified of his knighthood by phone since he might have mistaken the notice for a phone letter and threw it away. He comes across as a jerk by telling his fans to no longer send him fan mail.  

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