Saturday, September 2, 2017

"Hard Luck Woman"--Garth Brooks

     So here is a particular oddity for you. Not only do I consider Garth Brooks' reign in country music as the beginning of it drift away from tradition, I do not consider his rendition of KISS' “Hard luck Woman” to be all that good. But there is a particular novelty to watching KISS play backup for Brooks. Gene Simmons admitted they only played on the cover because brooks groveled . I get the impression they would rather be anyone else but on that stage.
     Before anyone blasts me, I do like a lot of Brook's music from the early '90's. He went off the rails after refusing the Artist of the Year from the American Music Awards. The less said about his turn as Chris Gaines, the better. The bottom line is I am giving both credit and blame where I fairly think it belongs. Your mileage may vary.    

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