Thursday, August 31, 2017

"The Warmth of the Sun"--Willie Nelson

     Summer does not officially end with the last day of August, but it always feels that way. It feels that way enough to justify posting Willie nelson's mournful cover of the Beach Boy's “The Warmth of the Sun” to mark the end of summer. Vacation days may be over, but we still have the warmth of the sun for a while longer to remind us.
    This is another country cover of a Beach Boys song, and it is a bit cheating to cal it a cover since the Beach Boys are singing back up. But this will not only not be the last time I post a country artist covering a Beach Boys song, it will not be the last time the Beach boys join in the performance. There must be something about their music that lends itself well to country.
   It is most likely a testament to Brian Wilson's talent as a songwriter to transcend musical barriers with his work. He is an underrated genius.

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