Thursday, August 31, 2017

The End of Summer

     The last day of August is not officially the end of summer, but for all intents and purposes, it is. Vacation time is over. I even feel that way well into adulthood when summer does not mean as much vacation-wise as it did when I was a student a long time ago. I am the Jimmy buffett beach bum type. Summer vacation or no, the end of summer calls for at least a touch of melancholy even for the forward looking who enjoy the possibilities of what comes next.
     There is a certain cruelty in summer weather continuing on for a number of weeks into what is almost always a mild fall in South Carolina. We really only have two seasons down here—summer and football. When Christmas is too warm for a sweater, you know you are in the South.
    The cruelest reminder summer has technically ended in my youth was the relapse after a week or two of school of the Labor Day holiday. At one time, it was the last trip to the beach my family would make until the following Easter. Yet myrtle Beach would already be winding down by that time. On our final Labor day weekend trip in 1989, I was forced to take homework with me for the first time. Junior high was much less forgiving of youthful pleasures than elementary.
   Hurricane Hugo came along a few weeks after and destroyed our beach property. We rebuilt it over the next summer, but the beach experience was never the same. The summer of 1991 was the last ever regularly spent there. My parents divorced, and I have only been back to myrtle beach sporadically over the years for quick trips while staying hotel rooms. My idea of summer has definitely changed over the years.
     I hope everyone else had a lovely summer break in whatever capacity it was a vacation. It is time to get ready for fall. Just spare me the love fest you may have with pumpkin spice latte. I am not a fan.     

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