Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Charlottesville Clashes

     I supported Donald Trump, not because I thought he would make a good president, but because he would shake up the status quo of partisan politics. At this point, I will concede not only has that not happened, hyper0partisanship has taken over, and often in violent ways. Take the Charlottesville protests this weekend as an example of political passions burning far too hot.
     A little back story. The University of Virginia plans to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee from campus because confederate symbols are considered by many to romanticize slavery. A hodge podge of neo-Confederates, neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and white supremacists decided to protest the statue's pending removal. They paid whatever fees their were for permits for their march. The mayor told them they could protest, but the police would not protect them. The ACLU, which is notoriously leftist, but still principled, insisted the protestors hide a right to be protected. Then Antifa showed up, and the police were held back as the white supremacists and communist race-baiters clashed. So one of the protestors opposing the removal of the Lee statue, James fields, Jr., plowed his car into the crowd thereby killing one woman and injuring nineteen.
    Allow me to make one overall statement before engaging in any sort of nuance. We would would all be much better off if the earth had opened up and swallowed both sides of the protests. The south is not going to rise again, so those in favor of the statue remaining need to take their recycled Nazi slogans and stick them where the sun don't shine. On the other side, the sooner we get rid of violent communists obsessed with racial identity, the better. Move the statue to some rural area where no one will care it is there and everyone shut up. Take you Wal-Mart Tiki torches and go home.
     That said, the statue's supporters had a right to protest and be protected by police while doing it. What is the logic in ordering police to stand down just as tensions flared up between the historically violent Antifa and the statue's supporters? Did the Charlottesville mayor and Virginia governor actually want there to be mayhem so they could blame conservatives for inciting racial violence? I would hate to think so, but after all was said and done, the Charlottesville mayor laid blame squarely on Trump because of the allegedly racist president campaign he ran.
     If you want to step further into absurdity, Trump was soundly criticized for his response to the violence. He declared it was a sad event because Americans ought to respect each other. He criticized bigotry of all types. It was not Ronald Reagan leading the nation in mourning for the Challenger astronauts, but he got the point across. A few of his critics have declared Trump's response as the worst aspect of the ordeal. Yes, even worse than a woman losing her life.
     So this is where it has come. The left brings violence on itself by opting to remove a historical monument after implying its racial connotations knowing full well who will come out to protest, then it allows the two sides to clash, resulting in death and injuries, so it can decry how Trump has allegedly a resurgence of racism. Brace yourselves for history to repeat itself, because because Kentucky declared it wants to remove Confederate monuments.

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