Tuesday, August 29, 2017

"Shower the People"--Dixie Chicks

     I know, I know. The conservatives in my audience still shun the Dixie Chicks for Natalie Maine’s comments on George W. Bush at a concert in London. I understand that. But I am also not one to shun people for speaking their minds solely because I do not agree with what was said. If I did that , I would be even more of a reclusive hermit than I am not. There would not be much in the way of movies or music for me, either, now would there?
     If there is one point to concede, it is the Dixie Chicks certainly never lived up to their debut album. Nevertheless, I enjoy their harmony. I am an even bigger fan of James Taylor. The Dixie chicks add a cool twang to his easy listening “Shower the People.”
     The video is from a tribute special to Taylor.       

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