Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Little More Gravel in My Soul

     No worries, though. A little gravel in the soul is what gives you your grit. One cannot survive in such a soul crushing world without it. Speaking of soul crushing, I am hoping august puts force less of an effort to do my soul in than July's effort. People presumably going crazy from the heat is getting hard to take. t traditionally being the hottest month of the year, look out!
     On a more positive note, I am still breaking in my new IdeaPad, laptop but I like it so far. The high contrast lettering on large keys spread far apart makes typing without all the errors that come with clumsy fingers and poor eyesight much easier. Maybe once I get all the million and a half things I want set up correctly, I can actually do some extensive writing.
     I need to stop getting distracted by all the frivolous cosmetic stuff and get to putting more serious thoughts on paper. I have been restless lately, yet continually dragging my feet instead of writing what is on my mind. It is probably why I have posted so much music here lately even though what I have chosen to post does not make much observable sense. I am working on it, folks. Give me time.

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