Wednesday, July 5, 2017

"War Games"--Monkees

      I am currently reviewing The Monkees at Abstract Visions. The show is mercifully winding down. But more bout my feelings in that regard are coming in a few days. Watching the show has afforded the opportunity to hear a lot of music from the Monkees I never heard before. It has been a mixed bag. The Monkees music has a reputation for being—as frank Zappa put it—banal and insipid.
      The epithets are well earned. I have found very few gens among the lesser known works of the Monkees. These are the songs usually dubbed The Missing Links. The songs were mostly written after the series ended and so lacked the platform to promote them. Studio musicians usually played the music, which never helped dispel the rumor the Monkees could not play instruments themselves.
      Many of thee songs were eaten up with late '60's themes that sounded incredibly strange coming from such a bubblegum pp band. Case in pint is the embedded above “War Games.” it is a cut above their previous too badly named to take seriously antiwar anthem “Zor and Zam,” but it is still lacking. The problem as Davy sounds like he is trying to sing an antiwar anthem rather than actually singing one. So the message is almost lost on me. The song is still worth a listen for the novelty if nothing else.

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