Friday, July 21, 2017

The Juice is Loose and Taking Another Stab at Life

      OJ Simpson will not officially released until October 1st, but he was granted parole yesterday in Nevada. Simpson was convicted in 2008 of armed robbery against a sports memorabilia dealer at a Las Vegas hotel room. He will have served the minimum nine years of what could have been up to 33 years in jail. Four parole commissioners cited Simpson's lack of prior convictions and low probability of him committing another crime as factors in granting parole.
      Simpson's acquittal of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman weighs heavily, and not just for the fact Simpson would have been incarcerated rather than free to commit armed robbery in Las Vegas. His acquittal also prevented the parole board from seriously considering Simpson murdered two people in a jealous rage. Why he is considered unlikely to commit another violent crime in a rage is beyond comprehension. He has gotten off the hook far two easily twice now.
    Such is my reading of it. I believe Simpson is guilty of murdering his ex-wife and Goldman. He was only acquitted because his legal team, mostly Johnny Cochran, played the race card while evoking tensions between law enforcement and the black community. I thought his 2008 conviction, which looked like a life sentence at the time, was some measure of justice. Odd, because I am not much of an idealist. Yesterday proved my old cynical self just needed a little patience before it was vindicated. It usually is.
     Judging by social media right after Simpson was granted parole, bur opinion on whether he should have been granted parole depended on whether you believed he was guilty of murder in 1994 rather than how serious the crime he was convicted for in 2008. It goes to show how much his acquittal still burns at people emotionally whether you believe he was wrongly accused and deserves no punishment or got away with murder and should have remained locked up in Nevada as delayed punishment for the slayings.
    Simpson is definitely off scott free and sitting pretty. Although he lost a wrongful death suit to the Goldman family, they cannot touch his NFL. Said pension is not only $25,000 a month, but accrued $400,000 while Simpson was incarcerated. I guess he will have plenty of cash to continue his hunt for his e-wife's real murderer at golf resorts all around the country. At least we are not likely to see him on a reality show anytime soon. Nor will I care to see any interviews with the journalists colliding with each other to be the first to speak to Simpson upon his release.

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