Monday, July 3, 2017

Off the Grid

      If you follow me on Twitter, you are familiar with my distaste with the ever unreliable Spectrum as an internet provider. It is straight up awful in both providing internet and customer service when attempting when attempting to address lack of the former. My internet died late Friday morning. It was not restored until this morning. So I spent the entire weekend languishing in the ore-internet Dark Ages.
     For those record keepers amongst us who might be tracking such statistics, the previous record for Spectrum outage was 23 hours. The latest average hovered somewhere around 72 hours, give or take. I would be enormously relieved if the new record not only stood the test of time, but Spectrum decided to rest on its laurels and make no further attempts at out doing itself at failure.
      I spent a lot of time twiddling my thumbs, but I also managed to write blog entries to be posted when I returned to the 21st century. Most are set for the review blogs, but Gods & Monsters will not suffer complete neglect. Just a lot of it. It is the blog most dependent of me being on top of what is going on in the world. I am still catching up at the moment. If Spectrum will cooperate, the task would be much easier.  
     Staying out of the emergency room would be nice, too.

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