Sunday, July 16, 2017

Jodie Whittaker is the Thirteenth Doctor

     When the BBC announced it would reveal who will play the Thirteen Doctor after today's Wimbledon final, I figured an army of geeks would grumble through the tennis match while impatiently waiting for the big reveal. I was not disappointed. Twitter lit up with Whovians trolling eight time Wimbledon Roger Federer to stop celebrating his victory so much. Then they turned their ire to the tennis analysts for taking so long to explain his victory.
      But the madness did not top there. The BBC finally announced the new Doctor via the video embedded above. For the first time in the how's history—54 years, if you are keeping count—the Doctor will be played by a woman. Jodie Whittaker has been cast as the Thirteenth Doctor. Whittaker jumped from 30/1 on Wednesday to 4/1 odds yesterday according the United Kingdom bookies. A jump of that sort has happened before during the lead up to a new Doctor being announced as insiders take advantage of advance knowledge, so the announcement should not have been too much of a surprise. Still, the purists are not happy.
      Whovians are taking up arms on fan sites and social media. You can probably guess the division. Old school fans are upset the Thirteenth Doctor is not a man as he has always been. Many feel the powers that be caved to Social Justice Warriors with he casting. Naturally, the SJW have emerged to claim any negative reaction to the new Doctor's gender is motivated by misogyny. The SW have been ruining all things geeky from video games to comic books in the last few years, so it is no surprise there.
      I am fine with both a female Doctor in general and Whittaker in particular. I liked her in Broadchurch. (Fun fact: Her costar, David Tennant, played the Tenth Doctor from 2005-2010.) My only misgiving is new showrunner Chris Chibnall might make Whittaker a female Doctor rather than a Doctor who happens to be female. I am intrigued to see what will happen. 
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