Monday, July 3, 2017

If You Ever Wondered What a Blown Vein Looks Like, Today is Your Lucky Day

     I left off the previous post expressing my desire to avoid further emergency room trips. So far, so good. Other than sleeping off morphine for the better pat of two days, which is not necessarily an unpleasant experience, there have been no lingering serious effects stemming from the now unblocked bowel obstruction.
    No lingering serious complications from the now unblocked bowel obstruction does not include the blown vein from the first of three attempts to start an IV. As you can see by the above photo, that is still large and colorful. History says it will remain as such for quite a while. It will likely spread even further up and down my arm as the swelling dissipates. It will be o much fun keeping from banging my elbow on anything for the net couple weeks. History also says the slightest pressure will cause the area to balloon right back up.
      For full disclosure, this photo was taken yesterday for Facebook sharing.  I was going to post it here Friday morning, but Spectrum went AWOL until earlier today.. The photo is a few days old, so the bruise has flattened out more, thereby spreading over more of my arm, and has turned more purple with less green. But you get the idea. 
      There is no reason to take a bunch of pictures to track its changes. It is quite clear what a humdinger the blown vein was. I have had veins blow before. Many caused bruising. But I do not recall one turning out quite so large. The results must be saved for the sake of history!

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