Thursday, July 27, 2017

I Am Now the Proud Owner of a New Laptop

    In addition to the most important part of enjoying a day with a close friend, yesterday saw the completion of another goal—I now have a new laptop! I had been stashing away cash for many months now in anticipation of the inevitable day when my old laptop gave up the ghost. My machines suffer heavy use. They usually fail me sometime in their third year. My previous laptop is about two and a half years old now. It was also becoming cranky, if I mat get all technical on you. Salvation came in the form of a windfall, so I bought a new laptop before my old one died.
    There is no way to convey how fortunate I am with that, either. The internet has gone down for as long as a weekend before, and I wound up claiming the walls. Tech addicted does not begin to adequately describe me. I would go bonkers if I was forced to wait any period of time for either repairs or a replacement if my laptop died. I have switched over to the new one and sent the old into semi-retirement to return should circumstances warrant.
   The new one is working out well for me. It features the same RAM and memory—enough to run the internet, a Word document, and music simultaneously with no slowness—but it is more suited to my visual impairment. There is a larger screen. The keys are also larger, more spaced out, and have bigger lettering. I have already noticed I am making far less typos than before because it is easier for me to hit the proper key and the proper key only. There was much frustration with typing before. I resigned myself to it, but now that is not necessary. Perhaps the easier time writing with encourage steadier blogging.
      If you would like some advice, swallow your pride and buy your laptop from Wal-Mart instead of Best Buy or Staples. My new laptop is a brand name Lenovo Thinkpad. Even with the two year warranty I purchased along with it, I still saved well more than I would have buying the same laptop from a specialty electronics store and I still did not purchase the cheapest brand name laptop Wal-Mart carried. There were two other more high end offerings, but they were suited for gaming and heavy video editing, two activities I am not going to engage in.
     I am obviously enjoying my new laptop so far. All the most important stuff has been set up. I am going to take the slow route to transferring about 11 GB of files from the old to the new via flash drive. Goggling how to use a Wi Fi connection between two laptops was enough to scare me off trying it, so it is going to be done the manual way. Ditto with all the bookmarks from Chrome. There are all on a text file sitting in my Gmail inbox to be transferred the hard way. So I am going to be busy for a while. But it is a happy busy.

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