Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I Am Done Reviewing The Monkees

    I am mercifully done reviewing The Monkees at Abstract Visions. I chose the show to start back reviewing old television series, which is something I have not done since 2012 at my old blog, for two reasons. One, it was a relatively short series at 58 episodes. A short series would help me acclimate to reviewing long run again. Two, I recall the show fondly from my youth. Those couple rationales fizzled quickly.
      Yes, the series enjoyed only a short run. But I am so out of the groove, it took me over three months to review all the episodes. Back in the day, I would have covered 90+ episodes of a series in that span of time even if I was not enjoying the show. Since I could manage to soldier through a bad show back then, perhaps the second rationale fizzling out is no defense, but I really did not like the series as much as I did in my younger days. I think it is me, not the show. Even nostalgia could not help me immerse myself in what what was a big part of the mid-'80's for me.
      I will toss out several observations.
    One, Davy was the star. You may say 'Well, duh,” but I remember the show as more an ensemble than it actually is. The first season in particular is all Davy. There is even an episode in which he meets an exact twin in case you dd not get enough Davy previously. There were occasional episodes centered on Mike or Peter, but The Monkees is all Davy. Mickey was the focus of only two or three episodes the entire run. He mostly hammed it up in reaction to whatever wacky circumstances the guys found themselves in.
      Two, the writing is bad. Plots that would barely pass muster in a cartoon are reused over and over again. The Monkees save a royal from being murdered by ruthless aide twice! Three times if you count when Davy is about to become Middle Eastern royalty through marriage. It becomes tough to comment on a plot on the second go around, much less the third.
    Finally, the simmering contempt the cast had for the series became increasingly noticeable as time went on. If the ones starring I the show are not having fun, then neither can the viewer enjoy the show. I did not enjoy the show, and I am glad it is over.

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