Friday, July 7, 2017

George Clooney is a Hypocrite

     George Clooney loves refugees. He starred in sob story videos urging Western countries to allow more in. he specifically appealed to Angela Merkel. He scolded the united states for not allowing enough refugees in. Americans have forgotten the country is a nation of immigrants, the actor says. Clooney takes every opportunity to remind us we should take on more refugees.
   But Clooney's love for refugees is both conditional and unrequited. Clooney is moving his family from England to Los Angeles because he no longer feels safe because f the recent terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom. Bear in mind the most recent terrorist attack in the United Kingdom was carried out by the son of a Libyan refugee. It sounds as though refugees might be taking advantage of the open borders Clooney advocates to terrorize the Western countries taking them in. There is gratitude for you, no?
   As a bonus, Clooney is also considering selling his Italian villa—a walled villa in which no one is allowed within 100 meters of—because the influx of refugees has turned the once pristine resort area into a slum. Ironically, the majority of these refugees are not from war torn countries, but from North African countries. The refugees are seeking the welfare havens of Europe.
    So Clooney is going to movie his family back to the United states because he feels the chance of suffering a terrorist attack is less in the country that has taken on the fewest refugees. Clooney exhibits one of the worst instances of liberal virtue signaling. He weeps for the refugees, but leaves the problems they cause to everyone else.

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