Friday, July 14, 2017


      Time to relay a personal victory. 
     A few months ago, I heard a snippet of a song without learning the title. There was only a couple lines of lyrics. No way to identify the singer beyond it was a female, but was she a solo artist or the lead singer of a band? I had no idea. I did not even know what year I should be searching in. Google was not much help considering all there was to search was part of the chorus.
      Reddit came to my rescue last night. I discovered a subreddit called Tip of My Tongue. The purpose of the subreddit is for users to post vague memories of music, television shows, movies, and the like they cannot identify in the hopes another user may be able to do so. I gave it a shot, and got the correct answer within two hours.
The song I could not identify after hearing only some of the chorus is "Sway” by Bic Runga. 
     I have now found it, and downloaded the MP3. How did we get by on the internet before? Even the mighty Google failed me. Well, Google would probably blame the failure on me. Whatever. I identified the song. I am happy regardless.

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