Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Monks Are Original Cybermen

     The theory was kicked around quietly during the Monks Trilogy while not causing much stir, but the trailer for the penultimate Doctor Who episode of the tenth series “World Enough and Time" confirms the Monks were the original Cybermen. 
     In the trailer, Bill is targeted because sh is the reason the Cybermen are coming to Earth. It is because she granted permission to the Monks back in "The Pyramid at the End of the World" in exchange for the monks restoring the Doctor's sight.
      The Monks appeared as robed corpses, but stated it was not their actual appearance. It was only what they were considered to be. Some fans speculated they were the Time Lords since they are all supposedly dead save for the Doctor and Missy. But the Monks' style and plan to take over Earth does not sound like something Time Lords would do. The original Cybermen fit the bill, though. S cyborgs with nothing organic left inside them but human brains, they could plausibly appear as corpses. The Doctor would certainly consider them dead and gone.
     Maybe it is a stretch, but further proof is the monk choice of a pyramid as their ship design.  Egyptian pyramids are tombs.  The Monks are corpses, so that makes sense.  But one of the most popular stories featuring the Cybermen is the Second Doctor episode 'Tomb of the Cybermen."  A not so subtle clue as to the Monks' true identity, perhaps?
     With any luck, the final two episodes of series ten will elaborate on the Monks Trilogy to make it more interesting in context.  the story certainly fizzled out after a strong start.   Here is the trailer for “World Enough and Time' so you can judge for yourself:
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