Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Bill Cosby Mistrial

       I impatiently waited for the make up of the hung jury in the Bill Cosby trial before writing anything about the whole spectacle. My assumption was a small number f juror were blocking a guilty verdict because they refused to believe America's Dad could possibly be guilty of any wrong doing whatsoever. You can read an interview with one of the jurors to learn the vote count on each charge, but it all amounts to two holdout preventing a guilty verdict and refusing to budge.
     To be fair, the hold outs' motivation is unknown. The interviewed juror describes both a lot of frustration and sense of careful deliberation. So it is still not clear whether the holdouts had genuine issues with the evidence or really loved Cosby the comedian. Determining the holdouts rationale will be key to whether prosecutors will retry the case. A deadlocked jury that only had two holdouts my encourage a plea bargain rather than risk a unanimous guilty verdict next time around.
      I am reading the tea leaves here. Speculating on what a group of twelve people who have no prior knowledge of the case will do is every bit as risky as it sounds. In all honesty, I dd not pay the slightest bit of attention to the whole Cosby drama until jury deliberations began. Cosby is 9, in poor health, and if he is not nearly broke now, he certainly will be when the civil suits come fast and furious. He has nothing left, whether innocent or guilty, worth going on for. He has already been convicted in the all important for a celebrity court of public opinion.

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