Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Leftist Radicalization Results in an Assassination Attempt on Congressmen

      US Rep. Steve Scalise and four other people, including two Capitol police officers, were wounded in a shooting at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia. All are expected to survive their wounds. Scalise was one of many Republicans for the annual Congressional Baseball game to be held tomorrow at Nationals Park. The only reason Capitol Police were there is because of Scalice' high status as House Majority Whip. Without them providing security, the shooting could have been a massacre involving US Rep. Mo Brooks and Sen. Rand Paul among many others.
     The shooter, who was taken to hospital after being shot by Capitol Police, later died from his wounds. Police identified him as James T. Hodgkinsn. Hodgkinson was a 66 year old former home inspector who was an adamant supporter of Bernie Sanders His Facebook page is full of screeds against Republicans in general and Donald Trump in particular. In a post from a few weeks ago, Hodgkinson called for the destruction of “Trump & Co.” He moved from Illinois to Virginia around about the time of the posting. He may have been planning for the shooting since at least then.
      Am I going too far in declaring leftist radicalization is behind today's shooting/ I do not think so. Hodgkinson allegedly asked someone if it was the Republican team playing on the field, as Democrats were playing elsewhere. He wanted to kill as many Republicans as possible. It is the perpetual narrative of the left that conservatives are evil that puts it in the minds of people like Hodgkinson violence is the solution to prevent conservative policies from being implemented.
      Rioting over Hillary Clinton's loss in a fair presidential election was only the beginning. Now we have reached the point some leftists consider assassination a viable option. Well, why would they not? The left has spent month claiming Trump is an illegitimate president conspiring with Republicans in Congress to destroy healthcare, the environment, minority rights and any other fantasies their paranoid minds entertain. With Kathy Griffin holding up a fake severed head of Trump and Shakespeare in the Park depicting Trump as Julius Caesar assassination to standing ovations, today's act of violence is the logical conclusion to the culture leftists have been promoting for years.
     I fear today's attack will not be the last, either. Social media was full of leftists celebrating this morning after the news broke. How many of them are willing to take their agenda from social media to real violence as Hodgkinson did?

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