Thursday, June 29, 2017

I Spent Yesterday in the Emergency Room

      I spent most of yesterday in the emergency room. My morning wake up call was severe abdominal pain. The possibilities were many and all unpleasant. I suffer from diverticulitis. It has ruptured my colon twice since 2004. There is so much scar tissue from pat surgeries, I am hernia prone. Gallstones quietly took up residence some time ago, but had yet to stir up trouble. For a time there, I developed both a fissure and a bleeding ulcer, but both have since healed. The bottom line is there was no way to determine the problem, but easy to guess is was not going to be good.
      Things turned out to not be all that bad. Truth be told, the worst part was my notoriously uncooperative veins. They roll. They blow. They generally make a nuisance of themselves. This time, two of them decided to blow. For good measure, it swelled to the size of a golf ball just below my elbow. The nurse wrapped it tightly in an Ace bandage. I went cross-eyed over how painful it was. Apparently, they do not use heat compresses on them like I have had done in the past. The second attempt did not swell up quite so badly. The third was successful. After a bit of morphine, I no longer cared.
      In another small victory, I managed to down the CT contrast without barfing. I cannot remember the last time I succeeded there. It was the first time I drank the lemonade version. Not that it was tasty. It was just better than the orange stuff. The aftertaste was still awful, but gulping swallow every few minutes reduced the effect. Calling it lemonade is still an insult to lemonade.
    The radiologist performing the CT scan seem particularly worried the dye injection would upset me. Not because of the needle. The dye would go through my IV, anyway. He thought I would get upset by the warm, flowing sensation and the metallic taste that comes over you. I just watched Bill turned into one of the Cybermen on Doctor Who Saturday. Of course, I am going to freak out over a metallic sensation coming over me! I am kidding. I did not freak out. But he stood there after the injection and would not continue on until I let him know the effects wore off.
   The problem turned out to be a bowel obstruction. Those occurred frequently while under the “care” of Team Chavis, as did the fissure and probably ulcer, but this was the first one I suffered since August 2012. It is also the only one to ever be successfully treated in the emergency room. None of them ever had to b surgically repaired, but some took up to a week of miserable treatment to correct which inevitably lead to significant weight loss. Such was not the case yesterday. I definitely do not miss obstructions or their treatment.
    I am drained today. It was nap time the moment I got back around 2:30 PM. I slept to he wee hours of the morning. A slow start to eating seemed like a good idea, so it has been sandwiches and Ensure for now. I am on a new medication to prevent any further obstructions. But colon is an unpredictable bugger. The one thing weighed heavily one my mind is my last colon rupture in October 2012 occurred two months after my last bowel obstruction in August. No one connected the two events, but that does not mean there was no causal connection. Hopefully, history will not repeat itself.

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