Monday, May 15, 2017

Top Ten Movie and TV Scenes That Scared Me As a Kid

10.   Land of the Lost came across as laughably cheap looking and bad even to my extremely young eyes when I watched reruns in the early '80's. But one thing I never laughed were those terrifying Sleestak. They were slowing moving and constantly hissing to spook with their reptilian vibe. As a bonus, they often cornered our heroes in dank caves to suffocate with the feeling of claustrophobia. 
09.  Yes, this is a scene from the piece of dreck movie Kull. I saw it on Cinemax when I was about eight or nine, so do not fault me too much for my bad taste in movies. The list gts bettr s we go along, anyway. The giant, crystal spider freaked me out, especially because it is in a web over a seemingly bottomless pit. Even normal size spiers send chills up my spine today.
08.   All right, this is not the point at which my taste improves. Wilma and Spock's sit on some rocks to talk about what might have been in their lives if they chose different paths. The conversation is interrupted by groping tentacles that attempt to strangle them both. Most fans consider the space vampire Vorlon to be the most frightening monster on Buck Rogers, but these touchy feely tentacles get my vote.  The video is timestamped to the beginning of the scene in question.
07.   Still no sign of improvement in my taste, huh? The sad part is I have watched Flash Gordon a number of times since it was released in 1980 and I still kind of like it. The movie is dumb and gaudy, but un to watch for the sheer weirdness of it all. The scene that got me is the one right after Flash crawls out of the quicksand and is attacked by what appears to be a subterranean spider. My arachnophobia makes its second appearance on the list. The video is timestamped to the beginning of the scene in question.
 06.   I love Doctor Who. Both the classic and new series are great, and “Genesis of the Daleks” is one of the best stories of either series. But when I first watched it on PBS back in the '80's, Davros' insane speech about possessing the power of genocide to place himself above the gods freaked me out. The Daleks never compelled me to dive behind th couch like a lot of British Whovians, but Davros was incredibly upsetting.
05.   Hawaii 5-0? Something seems out of place with the rest. Much of my misspent youth was all about science fiction, but I did catch the Hawaii 5-0 pilot one Saturday afternoon on TBS. The plot features former Chinese spy Wo Fat brainwashing US intelligence agents via sensory deprivation torture. The opening scene in which we witness the proces in action inspires a hyperventilating case of claustrophobia for me.
04.  How disturbing is the thought of a larvae slowly crawling across your face and into your ear only to burrow into your brain and thre is nothing you can do about it?  
03.  LucasFilm attempted to outdo the nNzi face melting scene from Raiders of the lost ark and succeeded magnificently. I will always be terrified of choosing poorly. The rapid aging into dust still scares the bejebus out of me. The weird thing is I feel compelled to watch it every time because I am curious at what point is he dead? I still have not decided for sure.
02.  Darth Vader's labored breath with Luke backing away in fear in slow motion along with the claustrophobia induced by the cave where the encounter takes place left an impact on me that still exists 37 years later. Do you ever wonder what would have happened if Luke had heeded yoda and not taken his weapons in the cave with him?
 01.   E. T. is underrated as a traumatizing film for kids. It has a lot of scary moments, but none were quite as terrifying as when Elliot's family tries to escape the house only to be surrounded by those men in space suits. They have the slow moving and darth Vader breathing motif, too.  A proposed sequel could have Elliot kidnapped and sadistically tortured by aliens, but it has never com about. Many fans think the premise sounds too dark. But really...could it be any more disturbing than this?

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