Friday, May 12, 2017

The Comey Conundrum

    The only problem I see with Donald Trump firing FBI director James Comey is his timing. Comey was a political hack appointed by Barack Obama. Holdover FBI directors have not always been a problem in the past, but look at Comey's record. Everyone can name his influence in the 2016 election with the Emailgate investigation. But Comey has a long history of questionable tactics during investigations. The FBI knew Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev were a potential security threat, but let them go prior to their perpetrating the Boston Marathon bombing. Under Comey's leadership the FBI spied on innocent citizens and publicly lied about doing so. Comey also mucled Apple to make a backdoor for w enforcement to hack iPhones. Comey's firing was a good thing.
      Comey's firing at this point and time shows trump has not yet developed a politician's instincts. He is still thinking like a businessman. In business, when an employee does a bad job, he is fired. Since Trump's supporters sent him to Washington because he is not a politician, they are not going to look at Comey's termination as a major issue. One of his most prominent campaign promise was to drain the swamp, after all.
      The most serious allegation leveled at Trump for firing Comey is a possible obstruction of justice charge because of the ongoing FBI investigation into possible Russian influence with the Trump Administration. The idea Russia covertly swung the election in Trump's favor has not yet proved to be anything but a left-wing conspiracy theory. There might have been smoke, but definitely no fire. But there will be no way to convince the left that is true now that Comey was fired before the resolution to the matter. It Is another example of poor timing on Trump's part.
      Maybe it is my cynicism talking, but I am more amused about the situation than anything else. What I find particularly entertaining is the complete reversal of Democrats on Comey. They blamed Comey for Hillary Clinton losing the election and insisted he must go, but now that Trump has fired him, they make comparisons to Watergate and talk of impeachment. It is further proof—as if you needed any—there is no room in Washington not full of hypocrites.

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