Saturday, May 6, 2017

Shorty Blackwell

     I am currently reviewing episode of The Monkees at
Abstract Visions.  Since Abstract Vision is about reviewing television, I am not writing much about the Monkees' music there. It seems like a good idea to throw some stuff about their music here. I was first introduced to both the Monkees's television series and their music through MTV's marathons of their series circa 1985. It is generally goofy stuff, but I was young and liked it. These days, I am nostalgic for it.
     “Shorty Blackwell” is a song I first heard long after I was introduced to the Monkees. It is a weird song I most certainly did not understand at the time, but was intrigued. Micky Dolenz wrote it when presumably roasted on pot. The performance is a family affair as his sister, Coco Dolenz, sings backup vocals. Micky appeared to embrace the psychedelic sound towards the end of the Monkees' time as a full group.
     As I said, it is a weird song that used to intrigue my young mind. I found it freaky until a few years ago when I discovered the interpretation of the lyrics on the internet. It turns out the song is from the perspective of a cat. As a cat person, I may have been drawn to the song because I instinctively knew what it was really about. Listening to the lyrics with this in mind definitely illuminates things. The music, however, is still unsettling.

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