Friday, May 19, 2017

Is There Nostalgia for the '00's?

      ABC is planning to revive American Idol next season. The show was a dominating hit for FOX for over a decade before fading away. It lost its way because of the over saturation of talent competitions and the loss of its original, more entertaining judges. There is still a glut in the amateur talent competition market and I do not expect a crop of stellar judges to sign on to the revival. Maybe ABC just wants a cheap way to fill a two hour time slot plus an hour results show every week. Whatever the case, look for mediocre talent spread pathetically thin.
      Bu is the American Idol revival more than just an already known, relatively cheap to produce way to fill airtime or is it an indicator there is a nostalgia for the '00's? I certainly hope it is the former. The '00's were a dark time in the zeitgeist when bland culture existed under the shadow of post-9/11 paranoia and America as a nation at perpetual war.
   The '00's were an empty time. The music was Fergie singing about her behind. Television was the meandering Lost, a pseudo-intellectual show that ultimately lived p to its name.. There is 121 hours of viewers' lives they will never get back. The 2005 Oscar for Best Picture went to Crash. It is a hallow look at prejudice no one remembers these days. Friendship was reduced to a collection of stranger on MySpace. Remember what MySpace was all about? It was even more vapid than Facebook. Quite an accomplishment considering your grandmother was not on MySpace like she is Facebook.
      Where was the heart and soul of the decade? It certainly was not in the music, movies, or television. It is no wonder people preferred to pirate it rather than pay. It was not worth the money. Not that it matters. Practically everyone in the public eye would thought they had anything important to say came across as more buffoonish than anything else. Anyone remember Sean Penn as a self-appointed weapons inspector in Iraq? The whole decade came across as a farce of more meaningful times.
      I am keeping my fingers crossed the American Idol is all about cheaply producing a known quantity and not an effort to scratch a nostalgic itch. Because if the '00's are coming back in any kind of big way, I am going to be there to bludgeon them into submission.

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