Monday, May 8, 2017

Hillary Clinton Could Learn About Grace in Defeat from Marine Le Pen

     I went on a late night, caffeine fueled twitter rant about the results of the French presidential election and it relevance to American politics. Globalist whippersnapper and radical Islam apologist Emmanuel Macron defeated nationalist, security-minded Marine Le Pen in a landslide. Macron's victory is a sign the trend of national sovereignty over globalism trend that prompted last year's Brexit has not taken hold on continental Europe. Hillary Clinton and her supporters could learn a thing or two about being graceful in defeat.
     Continental Europe has grown weaker by the decade when it comes to principles of freedom and security. Europe loves its large welfare states guided by the undemocratic communist ideologues who run the European Union and are more interested in virtue signaling their tolerance for backward cultures like Islam than resisting their barbarism. Why would anyone expect France to take courageous stand and vote for change? When was he last time France took a brave stand period?
      But I give Le pen and her supporters much credit. She lost with grace she did not advocate resistance to Macron because the French people have spoken. He is the rightful president Le Pen's supporters are not rioting in the streets over her loss. Contrast thee will Clinton and her supporters. She has been on a pas the blame tour for weeks now and launched a new PAC intended to specifically oppose President Donald Trump's policies. Meanwhile, her supporters rioted for days after the election, have gathered in mass protests, and generally displayed an unhinged hatred over not being in power.
     Make no mistake...while Clinton claims her new PAC is not the first step to running for president again, creasing the PAC is the first step to her running for president again. A 2020 run would be her third, a realization which prompted me to label her 21st century William Jennings Bryan. The history buff in my was forced to backpedal, however. While Jennings was a Democrat, former Secretary of State, and a three time presidential loser, he was also a populist pacifist who hated banks. Clinton is definitely no Bryan.
    This post is an elaboration on my Twitter rant It it feels like there is no logical flow to the points, it is because I am working with the ramblings of a middle of the night, caffeine addle mind. Nevertheless, there are some valid points here. Maybe I should load up on Dr Pepper before engaging in all future political analysis.

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