Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Grisley Kathy Griffin

      If there is a level below the celebrity D-list, attention starved Kathy Griffin plummeted passed it yesterday with her Donald Trump severed, bloody head stunt yesterday. She severely miscalculated the so called Resistance's current level of Trump hate. Griffin was apparently expecting the left to rally around her over any objections that might erupt over her stunt, but it crossed the line even for them. Griffin should have foreseen it, but if she had any sort of good judgment, she might actually have a moderately successful career in show business.
      Griffin made a half heated apology fairly quickly when she realized opinion was turning against her, but that has not persevered her one current high profile gig hosting CNN's New Year's Eve coverage. CNN ended its association with her today, which seemed inevitable after her co-host Anderson Cooper took to Twitter to criticize her actions. Griffin may not have had much to lose, but she lost it anyway.
     The Secret Service is reportedly investigating the photo incident. Do not read too much into that. It is routine for the Secret Service to look into any possible threats to the president. Griffin is not likely to be charged with a crime. Stupidity is not a illegal.
      Nevertheless, the worst that could have happened seemingly did. Trump's eleven year old son Barron saw the photo on television and believed something awful had happened to his father. Everyone should have seen that coming—especially griffin herself. To add insult to injury, certain elements of social media have erupted all afternoon in mockery of Barron's reaction. It all comes down to the question of what s this country coming to culturally?

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