Saturday, April 1, 2017

YouTube is Censoring My Videos

   Here is a follow up to yesterday's post on YouTube's new demonetization policy on 'offensive' content in order to appease advertisers. It concerns the new restricted mode in which users can select offensive content to be blocked altogether from your YouTube viewing experience. The criteria for what type of videos are blocked is fuzzy. The rules marking offensive content are so flexible, they are for all intents arbitrary. This is intentional, so as to exempt Lady gaga videos in which she prances around with implied nudity and CNN can cover transgender issue. Big money channel owners play by a different set of rules.
      The smaller fish in the ocean are the only ones affected. The practice has arisen among small channels of turning on restricted mode and comparing your video catalog before and after to determine if YouTube is blocking any of your content. Many of the vloggers I frequently view talk about touchy subjects like politics and religion, so they generally take big hits on restrictive mode. I may be a microbe in the ocean as far as my channel goes, bu I was still curious to see if YouTube was interested in blocking any of my content. Surprise, surprise...they are.
      I currently have eight videos up. None of them are particularly controversial on any meaningful scale. Even as much as Team Chavis supporters got their panties in a wad over y video pointing out the moral failings of their candidate, no one much cares who the sheriff of some backwater Southern county is. But two of my videos are blocked. The videos in question criticize YouTube's moderation policies in regards to copyright and fair use. So YouTube allows criticism of a Roscoe P. Coltrane aspirant, but not criticism of the site's own practices. Imagine that. Imagine further this is what makes me a controversial vlogger as far as YouTube is concerned
      Armed with this knowledge, I am compelled to push more buttons and see how many future videos I can get blocked. My content is not monetized and will never grow large enough for it to ever be, so I do not care about losing a stake in ad revenue. Other vloggers are pleading poverty because the same videos blocked by restricted mode are available on regular mode, but no longer feature revenue generating ads. Many are flocking to Patreon tip jars and threatening to quit YouTube if their viewers do not make up the difference. I do it for the love of the game. Now I want to do it just to see how much of a pest I can be to YouTube.

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