Saturday, April 8, 2017

The YouTube Vlogger Meltdown Continues

   We are about two weeks into YoTube changing its algorithm to root out controversial content, and the crying, wailing, and gnashing of teeth spectacle rolls on. The corporate channels are okay. The folks who post funny cat videos and make up tutorials are not having any problems, either. But the pain coming from the vloggers who wax poetic on politics and religion are making video after video lamenting their collapsing ad revenue and shilling for their Patreon accounts.
      Do not misunderstand my snark towards vloggers. I spend most of my YouTube viewing on my favorites. I am a vlogger myself even though my channel has not yet become a source for discussion of serious issues as I want t to be. The thing is I have no intentions of monetizing. It is an incredibly silly idea to ask for money in exchange for in exchange for blathering on about your opinions. It is especially odd when you are just Joe Schmo sitting in your pajamas critiquing Donald Trump's healthcare reform plan in front of your web cam. Those vlogers who have been around since the early days of YouTube made videos for years without making a dime. Now many of them are pleading poverty and threatening to quit if their audience does not make up the difference.
     Which is where Patreon comes in. it is an online tip jar that allows users to pay a monthly or one time fee of their choosing to a vlogger's account. People are actually doing this. I am not blasting the practice. People can pend their money any way they want. I am a P. T. Barnum cynic on the matter. If someone is willing to fork over cash to hear a nobody's opinion on the issues, then the vlogger ha every right to take it. The whole concept I still bemusing.
      The group of vloggers most bemusing is the skeptic community. They make tons of video attacking religion, then beg their audiences for money. In other words, fleecing the faithless for donation just like the televangelists they despise. Heh. It is difficult not to be cynical these days. No one really seems to believe the narrative they are pushing.

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