Monday, April 10, 2017

The Left-Right Ideological Paradigm is Useless

    The left-right political paradigm is pretty much useless thee days as a classification for one's political ideology. Politics has been drifting away from the paradigm for a while with the decline of the major two parties at the expense of rising political independents who no longer wish too associate with either party's allegiance to its respective sie of the left-right spectrum. But now we have reached the point at which not only are both sides of the left-right spectrum are engaged in civil wars, they have in large part switched historical roles.
      The concept of the left-right paradigm dates back to the French Revolution. The national Assembly seated its members based on their loyalty. Members on the rght supported the king. Members on the left were supporters of the revolution. The right represented order. The left represented egalitarianism. Time and culture have shifted the paradigm over the centuries, but the generalizations have been valid.
      It is interesting what the reality I now, in the United States at least. Republicans ran an outsider candidate to send the establishment a message. He won the White House with the help of the so called alt-right, which appears to be a lot of libertarian nationalists who convinced blue collar workers to vote for him. In response, the left took to the streets to protest the old order losing power. The neoconservatives, who have sat on both sides of the spectrum, are waiting t o influence whoever I in change. They are who people are talking about when they talk about the deep state.
      Ideological purity is obviously a thing of the past. No one can quite define what they want or how they should go about making it come about. In terns of political science observation, it is fascinating to watch. In terms of our country's future, the cynical nihilism is alarming.

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