Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Happy Aliens Day!

    Why is today Aliens Day? The 1986 sequel to Ridley Scott's Alien, Aliens, was set on a moon named LV-426. Fans decided to designate 4/26 as Aliens Day. The designation was established last year to celebrate Aliens' thirtieth anniversary. It would appear no one had this idea in 2009 on the thirtieth anniversary of the original film What happens on its fortieth anniversary in 2019?
      In celebration of the day, it is customary to shout, “Game over, man! Game over!” at every minor inconvenience you experience during the day. You can also randomly cry out the phrase in honor of the late Bill Paxton, who passed away earlier this year.. He is the one who made it iconic.
      At first glance, it appears from the above photo Sigourney Weaver and the xenomorph have let bygones be bygones. But if you look closely, Weaver seems terribly nervous. Could this in actuality be a hostage situation? Weaver, blink twice of you need help!

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