Saturday, April 1, 2017

George Takei Pranks Media Into Believing He is Running for Congress

     Shortly after midnight, George Takei posted a tweet along with an article claiming he was planning a run for Congress in 2018 along with confirmation it was true. The tweet was clearly an April Fool's joke, but media sources and celebrity well-wishers ran with the news for hours until Takei later tweeted he was pulling an April Fool's prank and endorsed the real Democrat candidate.
      It is easy to chalk the matter up to the current problem of discerning fake news fro real, but there is a more pointed problem—left wing media wishful thinking. Takei's opponent would be Devin Nunes. Nunes has recently come under fire for backing Donald Trump's claim his campaign was under surveillance by the Barack Obama administration. Therefore, Nunes became an enemy of the left. Who better to take him on than their favorite rights activist, Takei? They were so giddy at the prospect, the painfully obvious status of the announcement as an April Fool's prank was ignored.
    Come on, folks. Takei is 79 years old. His only other dabble in seeking public office was a failed run for Los Angeles city council over forty years ago. Takei does not have the youth or track record to begin a political career now. The odds of Takei winning if he were 40 years younger are not that great, either. He ha embarrassed himself a number of times in recent years with his far out of left field political comments. Takei would not play all that well in a district that elected Nunes.
      What gets me the most is only tangentially related. Why does Takei hold so much loyalty to the Democrats? Takei frequently speaks of his family being held in an internment camp during World War II. It was Democrats who imprisoned them based solely on his race. While you can argue ties change, you would think Takei would have some aversion to associating with the political party that caused the most traumatic experience of his life. Nope. Democrats enjoy his complete support.

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