Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Selfie

  Another holiday, another selfie. Some photos make my blind eye look wore than others. The Easter selfie is a case of it looking particularly bad. Usually the angle of light or shadow will mask t. Oh, well. Consider it a picture of me raw and uncensored.
   Back in the days right after my retina detached permanently in spring 2004, I wore a patch over it. Considering I was simultaneously dealing with a ruptured and Team Chavis, you can imagine my emotional was not good. The patch was a bit of a crutch. At least I did not have to look at y eye in the mirror. No one else could see it, either. As tie passed, I dumped the patch and just accepted how it looked.
   Every now and then, I get the whim to resume wearing a patch for vanity's sake. Or at leaat darken the right lens. The mood always passe. Usually it is because the patch might make people's imaginations picture a scene even more horrific than reality. Such would be self-defeating. Nevertheless, I am coming up on the notion again. It will probably pass as it always has, but you never know. I might go full Nick fury this time.

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