Thursday, April 27, 2017

Barack Obama's Big Wall Street Payday and the Liberals Who Hate It

      It is customary for an ex-president to remain out of the spotlight for at least a hundred days after a new administration takes over. Usually, ex-presidents are more than willing to do so after four to eight years of round the clock pressure and attention. The office ages its holder decades in the span of one or two terms.
      It is no surprise our last president, has refused to go away outside of an immediate vacation upon leaving office. I am going to go on record as proclaiming Barack Obama a narcissist who craves attention for himself. Obama set up shop in Washington, the only e-president to ever do so, and declared he would lead the opposition against President Donald Trump. The declaration breaks the precedent of an ex-president withholding criticism of the new fr at least a hundred days. But trump has been unfairly branded a racist by the left, and the left needs its former race-baiter in chief to rally demoralized liberals.
     Imagine the heart break of those liberals when the hundred days were officially coming to an end and Obama accepted a $400K speaking engagement for Wall Street. High profile fugues such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren expressed concern over the arrangement. The New York Post asked 'When will Obama have made enough money?” Because to a liberal, there is apparently a limit t how much money one should make. The reality is the left is now realizing Obama, living embodiment of hope and change, is unprincipled and greedy.
      I am not surprised, nor am I upset. I understand an even deeper reality. The only difference between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to Wall street is which banks benefit most with the party in power. I could be kind and assume liberals are idealistic and truly upset to discover Obama is Wall Streets current favorite fat cat. Or I could accept the truth they are upset Obama is not making the effort to hide the Democrats' allegiance with Wall Street. I am going to go with the latter.
      For the record, it doe not matter to me how much money an e-president earns or who pays him as long as it is all legal.

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