Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Walking a Wire

    Outside of blogging, my largest online presence is on Twitter. I signed up in 2010, but have never been terribly dedicated about it. My Twitter is for sarcastic quips, live blogging events, and the occasional hashtag game when there is an interesting one going on. It goes without saying I shamelessly self-promote my blogging endeavors, too. While I have tweeted for nearly seven years—minus the long hiatus of my Oak haven stint—I never go above 323 followers. I was fine with that. Twitter as never as serious to me as blogging and a small audience offers the freedom of catering to no one.
      But the times, they are a'changing. Beginning with the rise of Donald Trump's presidential campaign in spring 2015, his supporters began following my Twitter because I live tweeted the Republican candidates' debates. My numbers continued to go as I covered primary results, too. I might believe a small audience offers freedom, but that does not mean I would not mind adapting to a larger audience. I am certainly getting one now. My twitter has grown fro 323 followers to 3268 as of this morning with an average of 15 new followers a day. It is twitter, so I am getting a small army of fake bot accounts, but the majority are genuine followers who respond, like, and re-tweet my stuff.
      I am now fighting the urge to cater to ardent Trump supporters in order to keep the followers coming. While I am a Trump supporter, I am a snarky observer of politics, society, and pop culture as a whole. How well is my irreverent observations on those topics going o go over with laser focused Trump supporters? It is always open season on any topic, Trump included, as far as I am concerned. So how long can I maintain my lofty Twitter perch? It depends n how long I can safely walk this wire.

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