Thursday, March 9, 2017

Two Years Later

     It dawned on me late in the day it is the second anniversary of y escaping Oakhaven Nursing Center. I usually obsess over the time and development between events—I am an avid history buff, after all—but the occasion sneaked up on me. For it to do that, Oakhaven must have faded into memory or else I would have engaged in some serious ax grinding over the last few days.
      If you have been reading my blog for a decently long period of time, you will recall I ground my a so much on so many occasions one could circumcise a mosquito with the blade. I see no reason to rehash those dark times here. It is quite clear the demons lingering from y dark days there have been exorcized. But feel free to look up the relevant posts. Make sure you have plenty of time. The whole story adds up to a decent sized novella.
      What is more interesting about the anniversary slipping my mind is the frequent gossip I still hear from staff past and present. Kendra was fired after some brouhaha and wound up working with Michelle and Aysa at the ombudsman's office. Brock was transferred to another facility a few month's later. Chrystal took over Oakhaven while Wilson Senior Care searched for a replacement. They finally found one who was—I kid you not—still learning English. The new executive director did not last long, either. A bad DHEC review in 2016 probably spelled her doom. Pretty much every on the management side departed at some point. Many took job that were a step down from what their positions at Oakhaven. But jumping ship is worth the loss, I am certain.
      I still maintain many friendships from the better side of Oakhaven. Courtney is the most important, of course. We consider each other siblings. So there is no way I can consider y tie at Oakhaven a total loss. Just the part in which I was forced to deal with the incompetent boobs who recklessly ran the place. Even a six figure DHEC fine courtesy of your truly did that fix that. At least they are gone now. I hope, in some small way, I helped make their departures happen.

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