Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Gamecocks Are in the Final Four

     I wrote about my annual, 100% accurate prediction for the NCAA March Madness tournament. The prediction was I wold not fill out a bracket. While the prediction remains accurate the spirit of it has arguably changed. It is still true I could not care less about college basketball, but home team loyalty has emerged.
      My beloved alma mater, the University of South Carolina, defeated the University of Florida Gators to advance to their first Final Four in school history. My Facebook time line lit up all afternoon in celebration. Even the most obnoxious Clemson fans are in the gamecocks corner. So I am in good company for rooting for Gamecocks' basketball.
    The Gamecocks are enjoying a Cinderella post season with improbable victories. They will face their toughest challenge in Gonzaga University. Gonzaga has been favored t go all the way, so a Gamecocks win would be the upset of the century. Keep those fingers crossed, folks. Regardless of what happens net weekend, I am proud of my Gamecocks. Collegiate sports in South Carolina in recent time. Coastal Carolina baseball, Clemson football, and now—perhaps—USC basketball are champs.

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