Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Small Victories

     Here is the latest hair growth tracking selfie. It will probably be the final one. Please keep the applause down to a polite golf clap. By this point, my hair has grown back enough to make my mistakenly near shun noggin an unnoticeable error. While I am inclined to believe you ought not deny any parts of your past self—learn from what you do not like—there is no sense in bringing your old self back up again and again when the lesson has been learned. The lesson here is always enunciate fr the barber.
     Adding several Ensre to my daily diet has not been as arduous as I feared it might. One of the main reasons I am so thin in the first place is I cannot force myself to eat when I am not hungry. The problem is even wore when am sick. When I fell deathly ill a few years ago, I wound up with a feeding tube, for heaven's sake. I am not sick now. Just throwing it out there to illustrate how tough it is for me to gain wait. For he last few months, I have stagnated. Eating more would be tough, but drinking calories is not that bad.
      All that to say I have gained three pounds in three weeks. Yes, the average is a pound a wk. Most people can add and drop more than that in a day. I am not most people. The rate and amount of gain suits me. Or at least it will until I hit the inevitable wall and must regroup with something else. Until then, I shall enjoy the small victories.

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